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Mateusz Lukaszenko

Mechatronics Engineer

Graduate of Poznan University of  Technology, Bachelor degree in Mechatronics at Mechanics Constructions speciality. Experienced in working in Inventor since 2008. Nowadays involved in new technologies, 3d printing and product design. Work experience: constructor at Aesculap Chifa (Braun group), R&D constructor at Omni3d (biggest polish producer of 3d printers).

Bartosz Barlowski

Entrepreneur with a passion to open technologies. IT engineer, MBA student and Vancouver Film School digital design graduate. I use my skills to collaborate & innovate using video.

Filip Blicharczyk

Robotics Engineer

MacGyver wannabe. Do-it-all engineer and dedicated hotspur for rapid prototyping ranging from design and mechanics through analog and digital electronics up to software programming.
Master in Automation and Robotics with Signal Processing speciality from Poznan University of Science Technology (thanks to God O_O).

Marek Chabiera


Open source and linux based operating systems enthusiast. Graduate of Adam's Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Master degree in Linguistics and Information Science, who also tries his hand at engineering. Interested in web development and computional linguistics. When he's not working, he usually read books or play board games.

Jakub Maczkiewicz

Nerd with passion to new technologies. I often mix those two and spend time building new stuff for which I don't have space in my room.  Student of Automation and Robotics at West Pomeranian University of Technology.


Give me a tape and WD40 and I'll fix everything

II World War military enthusiast, who also loves entire fantasy world, and finds amusing connection between these two aspects in steampunk. Gadget handyman, universal thinker, beginning his adventure in 3D printed world. Weeping student of Automatic Control and Robotics at West Pomeranian University of Technology.

Basia Dżaman

I am at the last year of Industrial Design studies in the School Of Form, Poznań, Poland. I always loved science and logic, but also had soft spot for art which is why I am trying to combine both passions in my works. I've been a 3D printing enthusiast since 3 years, before that I was using Rhinoceros 3D and Gasshopper as a passion.



Being able to use tutorialbay was a life saver. In a few hours I will be a 3d printing pro ;)

Jack White

I really like your site. I have learned so much and, thanks to you, I have just 3d printed my first project that I designed on my own!

John Dawson

I love to read but tutorialbay just taught me in 4 hours what it would have taken me 4 months to learn!

Mary Springs